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Weekly Contest

Snap & Post for a Chance to WIN a $30 GIFT CERTIFICATE WEEKLY!

Sharing your eggsperience while dining at Eggspress is something we encourage!
Every week we will be posting a new contest on our facebook page.

    HERE'S HOW TO ENTER in 2 easy steps:
  1. Take a photo of yourself at Eggspress with the food you ordered.
  2. Create a new post on the Eggspress Facebook page with your photo AND a short note about your experience.






  • You can take the photo at the restaurant and post it later at home if you are not too familiar with Facebook.
  • EVERY person at the table can take his/her own photo with his/her food and post for a chance to win. For example, if there are 2 people at the table and each person posts their own photo with their own food, that's 2 entries and if 3 people then 3 entries and so on.
  • If you are by yourself ask your server to take your photo.